Tubularia sp.
A stalked hydroid species that likes high current.
Lightbulb seasquirt
Clavelina lepadiformis
Two spot goby
Gobiusculus flavescens
Wartlet Anemone
Pretty in pink
Spiny Starfish
Marthasterias glacialis
The european cowrie
Trivia monacha
Dahlia Anemone
Urticina felina
Zeugopterus punctatus Interesting flatfish that lives around rocks.
Velvet swimming crab
Necora puber eating a sea cucumber
Volcano barnacles
Balanus perforatus
Trivia monacha
Here the mantle is extended
Tompot Blenny
Parablennius gattorugine
Tompot Blenny
Parablennius gattorugine
Cover image of Wild Cornwall July 2016
Leopard spot goby
Thorogobius ephippiatus
The Harbour Crab
Liocarcinus depurator. Here in pre mating position
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