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Natural England

Over 2017 we have been working alongside Natural England providing footage for their visualisation projects. We are proud to have been able to provide footage for a number of different films to help Natural England to provide valuable information and insight on marine species and habitats.


Fal and Helford SAC and Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA

This film about the Fal and Helford special area of conservation is the first of a series that  we have contributed our underwater film towards.

Natural England: Marine miniatures - Stalked Jellyfish

Stalked Jellyfish are amazing creatures! They can be found in rockpools and around the coasts of the UK and are protected. This short film showcases how beautiful they can be and gives some information on their ecology.

Natural England: Mud and Sand

Mud and sand is a very important habitat for many different types of animals. Our work filming for natural england has allowed for the production of this informative mini-doc that outlines some of the creatures that live in this habitat and why it is important for bio-diveristy.

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