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Hydro Motion Media was established in 2016 by T. R. Daguerre - B.S.C. Ecological Conservationist, Dive Instructor/Guide and Underwater Cameraman/Film Maker. Based in Cornwall and built on 20 years experience in practical conservation, scientific research and media production. HMM is a platform for a collection of contributors, we have had the privilege to work with many different organisations including the BBC, Natural England, Cbeebies, BBC Springwatch/Autumnwatch, The Wildlife Trusts, WWF, BBCSpotlight, RSPB, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Oxford University Press, National Film and Television School, University of Exeter, Cornwall College, and a multitude of smaller schools, businesses, individuals and independent groups.

Film making and photography are fundamental in raising awareness, a picture speaks a thousand words and films can often get through to people in ways that other mediums cannot. Noticing the impact that film can have on people when addressing issues such as the environment, HMM was born. Firstly, as an outlet for the creative expression of nature film making, but more so to document the remarkable species of the vast ocean. With an ultimate goal to educate, raise awareness and bring to main stream national media the fantastic marine environment that exists in Cornwall and the wider UK.


Our ethos is to produce resources - film, photography, training - to benefit conservation, education and research through the production of films and other media. As a CIC our community investment commitment means we have recorded our activities in our annual CIC34 report, showing all our work since 2016 (available from companies house). Our main goals are to aid documentation, discovery and conservation in Cornwall benefiting the wider UK's marine conservation efforts. 

In 2019 we produced a feature on glowing snakelocks anemones for the award winning BBC2 production Springwatch. We have now had our underwater footage featured in the series multiple times. We also worked on other national and local news programmes, raising awareness of projects such as national marine week and shoresearch and seasearch projects via the wildlife trusts.


Recently in 2022 we have produced a series of 20 short films for Natural England. We have also been working on "Teeny Tiny Creatures" for Cbeebies , an educational series for young children.


We believe it is by working together that we become stronger, have the ability to make a difference and see change. If you're interested in becoming involved in our work or would like to talk about a film project to promote your organisation - please contact us 

If you want to find out more about what we do click here our work 

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