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Intro to Underwater Photography


Course Details 




3-day course from 8.00am till 5.00pm.


Pre-requisites for participation 

Course requires participants to be a minimum level, certified Open Water divers.

Participants should own their own under-water camera system to take part in this course but rental can be arranged at a cost of £30ppd.

You will need dive equipment, however we can provide you with a full set of SCUBA equipment if necessary at a rental cost of £25ppd.

Maximum of four people on a course at one time. Just contact with desired dates for availability.

Participants are required to own their own laptop for the post processing workshops.


Cost £395


Day 1

9.00am Course Introduction

Tea/Coffee "Meet and Greet". Presentation of Hydro Motion Media. What we will cover over the 3 days.

10.00am An Introduction to UWphotography

Firstly you will be introduced to the course with what we think is one of the most important elements of UWphotography, camera set-up and maintenance. After this we move onto a hands on exploration of our individual camera systems and practically explore their functionality. We understand that every camera is different and has to be treated that way - so we have a really good play with our devices and figure out what does what before we get wet  - please bring your manuals.

We analyse Auto-modes and pre-sets, the advantages and disadvantages. The how to's of controlling exposure. Understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Examine white balance and natural lighting. Then explore the concepts of artificial lighting - strobes and video lights - so often the key to getting crisp images in the dark depths. We will then explore the worlds of  macro and wideangle - the challenges they present and the equipment we can use to enhance our photography. We look into composition and what makes a great image. Finally we skim the surface of Video and why it is always good to take a video of a subject as well as photographs. We do all this with our own cameras on hand to learn the practicality of these things directly through the theory. A new and interactive way to learn.

12.00pm Confined water practice shoot

Unique to HMM we conduct a confined water practice shoot in a real world environment. Taking you to one of our secret rockpool spots you get wet and get the chance to use your underwater camera taking pictures getting used to the practical considerations of UWPhotography. We look at the logistics of being a photographer, camera safety and equipment preparation. How to use our systems underwater and the challenges this presents.

2.00pm Lunch

3.00pm Debrief

Debrief of practice shoot. First image review - analysis and evaluation. We take a first look at post processing of images and prepare laptops and software.


Briefing for OW PhotoDives. Batteries onto charge!


Day 2


Tea/Coffee. Camera set-up, review and alterations. Considerations of taking pictures in Open Water, environment and light.

9.00am OW PhotoDive 1

Our premier dive site is within the Marine Conservation Zone of Newquay and the Gannel, we give a dive briefing for OW Photodive 1 including species we may see and the particular consitions we are facing - every dive is different here in cornwall - from our jellyfish explosions to our macro life we will use our local experience to make sure you have interesting subjects to shoot. Our unique "photodives" mean that we are entirely focused on allowing you to spend maximum bottom time using your camera, practising taking pictures, exploring settings and using different techniques we have looked at. It is a time for you to zone into your underwater photography without the worry of following a group or the other considerations on an average guided dive. It just you and the camera (and your buddy).

1.00p.m Lunch

2.00p.m Photodive debreif, first post processing workshop.

Back to base to upload images. First post processing workshop introduction to using Photo Gallery software and Adobe Photoshop.

5.00pm Breifing for photodive 2

Briefing for final day. Batteries on to charge!


Day 3


Tea/Coffee, Photodive 2 final breifing, camera set-up alterations.

9.00am Photodive 2

The second photodive. This allows you make alterations to your technique from the first dive and ensures that you progress with technique and control.

1.00p.m Lunch

2.00pm Final post processing workshop

Review of images and post pocessing workshop in which participants learn how to use their Photo Gallery and Abode Photoshop to take their images to the next level including removing specks and backscatter, adjusting exposure, using colour correction, cropping & watermarking images. You will be asked to compose a selection of your best images from the dive to present to the group. We will also look at video editing techniques and finally exporting, saving and using your images & video.


Throughout the week you will come across a series of challenges that may be causing barriers preventing you from moving forward with your photography. This course is all about working through these challenegs and removing the barriers to make you into a better photographer and diver.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Transport to and from dive site is not included.

  2. A 30% deposit is required to book your course and is non

  3. refundable.

  4. A valid medical statement, signed by a GP will be required if a medical condition is reported on the PADI liabilty release.

  5. Proof of valid dive certifications are required.

  6. Food and Accomodation during your course is not provided.

  7. Dives are run via Wavecrest SCUBA, liscensed HSC PADI 5star IDC centre.

  8. Due to dive conditions not always being suitable we aim to always fulfill our commitment to get your open water activities met however in the event that conditions are not practical to conduct the diving your course fee will be refunded minus the deposit.

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